"Two Legends" - A Tribute to Rollie Massimino



  $24.99- Unframed Fine Art Print 11" x 14" (Standard Size)            $39.99- Unframed Fine Art Print 16" x 20" (Standard Size)          $74.99- Unframed Fine Art Print 20" x 24" (Standard Size) + limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist (only 99 made) 

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Villanova Men's Basketball Coach Rollie Massimino and Jay Wright "Two Legends" open edition art print originally hand drawn by artist Jordan Spector. PROCEEDS FROM PRINTS SOLD WILL BE DONATED TO THE GREATER PHILADELPHIA CLUB SCHOLARSHIP FUND! The original was completed using Spector's unique pastel pencil style on strathmore paper. This piece was commissioned by Villanova Greater Club of Philadelphia. All prints are printed on lustre paper using museum quality inks.

  • Exclusive art you will not find anywhere else
  • Made in the USA
  • All prints come in standard sizes easy for matting and framing  

For inquires about purchasing an original piece or commissioning an original piece please email the artist at spector.art215@gmail.com



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